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Paris, TX asphalt sealcoating & striping

Asphalt Sealcoating in Paris, TX

Do you want to save money and enhance the look of your Paris, TX property? Is your parking lot or driveway looking weathered and worn? Don't replace it just yet! Millsap Striping offers professional asphalt sealcoating that can make all the difference.

Our expert sealcoating service goes beyond aesthetics. With over 25 years of experience, we use high-quality sealants to protect your asphalt from the harsh Paris climate. Our sealants minimize UV damage, prevent cracks and premature aging, protect against extreme temperature fluctuations and create a protective barrier against moisture infiltration.

Not only does sealcoating provide protection, but it also offers other benefits. Regular sealcoating can add 5-10 years to your asphalt's life, saving you thousands compared to replacement costs. A fresh sealcoat restores your asphalt's rich black color, making your property look sharp and well-maintained, and helps to prevent pooling and potential foundation damage.

Our pavement sealer dries quickly, allowing you to use your driveway or parking lot within hours. We also confidently offer a longer-lasting guarantee on our sealcoating compared to competitors.

Don't forget our comprehensive suite of asphalt maintenance services in Paris, TX, including crack sealing, pressure washing, parking signs, and bollards to ensure clear wayfinding and enforce parking regulations.

Get in touch with Millsap Striping today for a free consultation and quote. We can help you preserve your asphalt investment and keep your property looking its best. Don't replace your parking lot or driveway just yet. Let us show you how sealcoating can save you thousands and enhance the look of your property!

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